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QuickTax & Accounting is your one stop shop to get all your tax filing and business accounting done. We take care of the complicated financials and number crunching, so that you can take care of nurturing and growing your business.

Our Business Services

T1 General Tax for Proprietorship & Partnerships

If your Canadian business is a sole proprietorship or a partnership, our accountants will help you complete the T1 Business Income Tax Form which is part of your Personal Income Tax form. Since the tax percentage changes with income brackets, we minimize your deductions at every stage.

T2 Income Tax for Corporations

If your are a corporation, and need to file your taxes. Our T2 Income Tax service takes care of the hard work for you. We fill out the forms and take care of all the accounting and bookkeeping so that you can focus on your business. 

Full Cycle Accounting and Bookkeeping

We know that your business works all year round and so do we. With our full cycle accounting service, we service everything from managing transactions, adjusting entries and closing the books. We also look after the maintenance of your prepayments and accruals, the purchase, depreciation & disposal of fixed assets, financial report preparation and much more.

GST, HST and PST Calculation

Our expert accountants make sure that your business is in compliance with all national and provincial regulations. We help identify if your business is ready to start charging GST and HST and can assist you in registering and managing your account, collecting GST/HST tax, filing complete returns and remit, claiming GST/HST rebates and applying for GST/HST credit. In addition to this, we also prepare periodical PST and report to Ministry of Finance when the tax is payable.

Payroll Services and T4 Summary

Payroll processing inhouse can be a complex and extremely time consuming task for business owners. Our professional accountants handle your company’s payroll slips, monthly source deductions reports, record of employment, workplace safety & insurance board reports, T4 summary reporting to CRA and any other liaison with Canada Customs & Revenue Agency on your behalf.

WorkSafe BC Registration and Reporting

Our expert accountants make sure that you are properly registered with Worker’s Compensation Board. In case of any accidents or injuries we ensure that  the incident is filed and claimed accurately according to updated government regulations.

Business Tax Consulting

With more than 25 years of experience, our consultants are well equipped to advise you on how to reduce your next tax bill. We help you make the right decisions through business analysis and budgeting so that your business can increase in value and achieve continuous growth.

We have multiple options to help you file your taxes conveniently

Drop In

Drop by at our office on Lonsdale Ave to connect with one of our consultants and get going.

Drop Off

Drop off your documents at our office and we will get back to you within a day to discuss the next steps.

Online Processing

Reach out to us over email. Send us the required documents and let us handle the rest.


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